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A CHORUS LINE Cast Descriptions

Cast descriptions


Zach--The Director/Choreographer.  Very definite and  demanding.

Larry/Laury--Zach’s assistant.  An excellent dancer and leader.


Cassie--Experienced dancer and Zach’s former girlfriend.

Sheila--Mature with a sarcastic edge.

Val--Very direct, practical and assertive.

Diana--Excellent voice, Very strong willed & from the Bronx.

Judy--Very idealistic, gulible, young despite her age. 

       From Texas.

Kristine--A little bit of an airhead, but sweet and funny. 

       Married to Al.

Maggie--Excellent soprano voice.  Filled with feeling and soul.

Bebe--Enthusiastic, just started in Show Biz.

Connie--Short and sweet and funny.


Mike--Loves tap dancing.  Lots of energy and spunk.

Richie--Smart, quick, been around the block.

Don--Has a real flair for the dramatic.

Paul--A New Yorker, with lots of inner turmoil.

Mark--The youngest.  Somewhat naive, funny.

Greg--Very New York East side.  Smart and funny.

Bobby--Very New York and tough, with a very good sense of humor.

Al--Good-hearted.  Loves Kristine and finishing her sentences.


Singers/Dancers also auditioning